Buyer Assurance Program

The Buyer Assurance Program from HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI) minimizes the effort and decreases the risks involved with purchasing a helicopter.  This professional helicopter acquisition service helps identify the right helicopter, ensure the best market value, perform a comprehensive inspection, examine post acquisition maintenance and refurbishment/reconfiguration options, and strives to exceed client expectations.

Benefits of the Buyer Assurance Program

  1. Professional guidance in locating and selecting a helicopter
  2. Worldwide reach
  3. Comprehensive unbiased compariative analysis
  4. Accurate expense projections
  5. Negotiation support
  6. Transaction and transport support
  7. Buy with confidence
  8. Access to trusted industry suppliers

The Buyer Assurance Program:

  1. Initial conversation/consultation to understand buyer's interests and objectives.
  2. Determination of most interesting, suitable, or desirable make/model helicopter and establishment of a pre and post-acquisition budget, schdule, and acquisition plan.
  3. Buyer agrees to exclusive helicopter acquisition agent agreement.
  4. Present helicopter specifications, maintenance data and digital photos for review.
  5. Comprehensive helicopter value assessment using analytical methodologies and proprietery data.
  6. Helicopter purchase decisions typically based on buyer criteria/preferences including: capbility, performance, operational expenses, make/model, year of manufacture, configuration, condition, inspection/component status, operational environment, location, damage history, projected maintenance, maintenance support proximity, customizing or reconfiguration costs, export/import requirements and price.
  7. Negotiate favorable helicopter price/terms with seller including any available support equipment and spare parts.
  8. Prepare the helicopter purchase agreement and arrange escrow services for the deposit, title services, and transaction closing.
  9. Travel with HBI team to perform helicopter pre-purchase inspection and flight test.
  10. Ensure helicopter meets pre-purchase inspection airframe and engine OEM criteria and delivery acceptance terms including dismantling, packaging, shipment or fly-away condition support services. 


Recurrent Buyer Client

“Our latest (A-109S Grand) helicopter acquisition was the easiest transaction I have been involved in.  HelicopterBuyer took care of everything, did an impressive job, treated us fairly, and delivered the helicopter from overseas in a timely manner”.

Joshua Jones

Director of Operations

North Memorial Health Air Care

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Private Buyer

"HelicopterBuyer's exclusive client service provided explementary attention to detail and I enthusiastically recommend them to any buyer or seller."

Tim Rainey

Retired SVP for Operations

Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)

Buyer Client

"HelicopterBuyer (HBI) has shown dedication, insightful market knowledge, worldwide industry connections, and been a trusted advisor to our business..."

Chris Krajewski, Regional Director
Africa & Euro-Asia
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

EMS / Utility Commercial Operator

"We have purchased two Bell 412's this year on two different continents from HelicopterBuyer ....they understand the global market, negotiate fairly, and facilitated communications... We look forward to working with HelicopterBuyer on future transactions"

Roy Knaus
Managing Director
Heli-Austria GmbH
St. Johann, Austria

Contact Information

HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Central USA Time Zone
Minus (-6) GMT

Mark V. Clancy
President & CEO