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1991 Eurocopter AS 355 N


S/N: 5502, R/N: ZS-HNC
9,417 Hours - VFR - Corporate Configuration
Located in South Africa


Aircraft Features

  • High Skid Gear w/ Boarding Steps
  • Dual Controls
  • LH & RH Sliding Doors
  • High Visability Forward RH Door
  • Dual Battery for Cold Weather Starting
  • Cabin Heat & Demist
  • L/H, R/H & Tail Navigation Lights
  • Red Strobe Light
  • Emergency Hoist Provisions
  • Emergency Pop-Out Float Provisions
  • Engine Fire Extinguishers
  • Cabin Fire Extinguisher
  • Davtron Clock & Timer
  • Dual Retractable Landing Lights
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Baggage Bay Extender
  • Pneumatic Door Openers
  • 6 –Point Shoulder Harnesses
  • Rear Jump Seat Modification
  • Turbomeca Power-By-The-Hour
  • Exterior: Fresh Silver Paint
  • Interior: New Grey Leather & Carpets

Avionics & Radios

  • King KY 196 VHF Comm
  • King KX 155 VHF Nav/Comm
  • King KNS 80 Nav VOR/ILS
  • King KT 79 Transponder
  • Kannad 406AF-H ELT
  • King KR 87 ADF & KI 227 Indicator

Recurrent Buyer Client

“Our latest (A-109S Grand) helicopter acquisition was the easiest transaction I have been involved in.  HelicopterBuyer took care of everything, did an impressive job, treated us fairly, and delivered the helicopter from overseas in a timely manner”.

Joshua Jones

Director of Operations

North Memorial Health Air Care

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Long Term Client

“We purchased our first Bell 407 from HelicopterBuyer in ’04 and then a 206L3 in ’08…and last year purchased another Bell 407…”

Derek Longley
Co-Owner & Director of Operations
Prairie Helicopters, Inc.
Winnipeg, Canada

Numerous Client Sales

“HelicopterBuyer has ...sold numerous helicopters for us over the years”

Roberto Grazioli
Managing Director
Eurotech S.r.l.
Sondrio, Italy

Private Buyer

"HelicopterBuyer's exclusive client service provided explementary attention to detail and I enthusiastically recommend them to any buyer or seller."

Tim Rainey

Retired SVP for Operations

Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)