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1990 Eurocopter AS 365 N3


S/N: 6356, R/N: I-PATE
7,473 hours Total Time
Search & Rescue and EMS Configured
No Damage History

Aircraft Description & Mission Equipment

  • Single Pilot IFR
  • Bucher Air Ambulance Rescue System
  • Goodrich Electric External Rescue Hoist
  • Dual Sliding Bulged Cabin Doors
  • 43 Amp Battery
  • Dual Landing Lights
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Cargo Hook Provisions
  • Ground Support Heli-Transporter
  • Empty Weight: 2,565 kg / 5,655 lbs.
  • Cabin Fire Extinguisher
  • Exterior: Yellow with Red Accents
  • Interior: (8) Place Comfort Seats w/ Carpet & EMS Medical / Rescue Interior



Avionics & Radios

Ø  3-Axix Auto-Pilot w/ Nav Coupler

  • Dual King KTR 908 VHF Comm’s
  • Dual King KNR 634 VOR/ILS Nav
  • FM Radio
  • SFENA Standby Horizon
  • Apollo 2020 GPS
  • Badin Crouzet Encoding Altimeter
  • Thales ERT011 Radar Altimeter
  • Dual King KTR 908 VHF Transceiver
  • Honeywell RT-1401B Weather Radar
  • Bendix / King KDM 706A DME
  • Bendix /King ED-461 EFIS System
  • Bendix / King KXP 756 Transponder
  • Kannad 406 AF ELT
  • Bendix / King KDF 806 ADF
  • Fuel Flow Meter 

Helicopter description and specifications are subject to buyer inspection/acceptance and do not constitute representations or warranties.  Helicopter is subject prior sale, lease, or removal from the market without notice.


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North Memorial Health Air Care

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Prairie Helicopters, Inc.
Winnipeg, Canada

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Roberto Grazioli
Managing Director
Eurotech S.r.l.
Sondrio, Italy

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Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)

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Denis Vielfaure

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