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(2) New Bell 412EP Client Acquisitions

June 23, 2011
(2) New Bell 412EP Client Acquisitions

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA --HelicopterBuyer, Inc. announced today that it has sourced two new 2011 Bell 412 EP helicopters for an Australian client.  The sale was a result of their exclusive helicopter client services for Toll Remote Logistics, Pty. Ltd. based in Essendon.    Mark V. Clancy, president and CEO of HelicopterBuyer, Inc. (HBI) stated “We have been working with Toll Remote Logistics for an extended period of time to identify the right helicopter opportunity and it turned-out that two new Bell Helicopter 412 EP’s from the factory provided the most suitable solution given our customer’s strategic operational objectives, schedule and desired factory kit configuration requirements”.

HelicopterBuyer is now in the process of sourcing a completion shop for the mission equipment installation for the new Bell 412 EP’s.  Clancy commented, “There are number of Bell Approved Service Centers in which we are seeking bids.  HelicopterBuyer intends to recommend a service center facility that offers the best value to maximize our client’s unique helicopter mission equipment integration expectations and one who has the experience necessary to obtain the appropriate airworthiness approvals required and still attain the desired delivery schedule.”

HelicopterBuyer, Inc. is an international client agent and broker of civil turbine helicopters. For more than 11 years, the company has been exclusively buying and selling civil turbine helicopters for clients and strategically procuring helicopters for dealer inventory resale.  The company focuses on Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter and Agusta medium/light twins and high performance singles for the offshore, utility, law enforcement / para-public, corporate, and EMS markets.  For more information on available helicopters and buyer/seller brokerage services visit

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