Airbus Helicopters

2014 EC 135 T2+e

For Sale

S/N: 1173, R/N: OY-HJG
1,200 hours
Offshore - Rescue - Standard Configuration
Dual / Single Pilot IFR
Airbus & Safran Power-By-Hour Available

Helicopter Equipment

  • Bleed Air Heating System
  • Medium Landing Gear
  • Emergency Pop-Out Floats
  • Dual Max Open Cabin Sliding Doors
  • LH & RH Dual Hoist Mount Option
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot Emergency Egress Doors
  • Cargo Hook
  • LH & RH Cargo Mirrors
  • HEELS Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Single Handle Operated Cargo Doors
  • Wire Strike Cable Cutter Kit
  • Factory Corrosion Protection
  • Crew Sliding Windows
  • Function Handles on MGB Cowlings
  • HEEL Lighting System
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Rotor Brake System
  • Dual Control Provisions
  • Copilot Tablet PC Holder
  • Jettisonable Cockpit Doors
  • Emergency Pop-Out Floats
  • External Life Raft System
  • Emergency Float Steps
  • Side-Mounted Anti-Collision Lights
  • Tinted Sunshades for Cockpit Roof
  • Engine Fire Extinguisher
  • Engine Fuzz Burner
  • 40 amp/24 VDC Saft Battery
  • 2x200A, 28 VDC Starter/Generator
  • 50 Volt AC System
  • Engine Compressor Wash Kit
  • Landing & Search Light – 450 W
  • White Strobe Lights
  • Height Adjustable Pilot Seat
  • Reversed Copilot Seat
  • Washable Floor Covering Cockpit, Cabin & Cargo Compartment
  • One Hand Latching Clamshell Doors
  • Exterior: Red w/ White Tail Stripes
  • Interior: 2 Forward & 3 Aft Facing Cabin Seats (Not all installed) 

Avionics & Radios

  • 3-Axis DAFCS
  • Dual MEGHAS w/ 4 SBAS SMD 45’s
  • Garmin GTN 750 Nav/Comm/GPS
  • Garmin GTN 750 Nav/Comm/GPS
  • Garmin GTX33 ES Transponder
  • Collins DME 4000
  • Honeywell KR21 Marker Beacon
  • King KRA 405B Radar Altimeter
  • Avidyne TAS620 Traffic Advisory
  • Fuel Management System
  • FCDS/DAFCS GPS Selection Switch
  • HR Smith CPI503 ADELT
  • 2” Standby Artificial Horizon
  • Garmin GNS-56 Satellite Wx Downlink
  • NAT NXP-138 Mission Radio


Helicopter description and specifications are subject to buyer inspection/acceptance and do not constitute representations or warranties.  Helicopter is subject prior sale or removal from the market without notice.


Recurrent Buyer Client

“Our latest (A-109S Grand) helicopter acquisition was the easiest transaction I have been involved in.  HelicopterBuyer took care of everything, did an impressive job, treated us fairly, and delivered the helicopter from overseas in a timely manner”.

Joshua Jones

Director of Operations

North Memorial Health Air Care

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Private Buyer

"HelicopterBuyer's exclusive client service provided explementary attention to detail and I enthusiastically recommend them to any buyer or seller."

Tim Rainey

Retired SVP for Operations

Delta Airlines (Formerly Northwest Airlines)