Engine Previous Sales

  • Triumph T-53 Series Fuel Regulator

    Triumph T-53 Series Fuel Regulator

    Part Number: 1-170-780-03
    S/N: 692AS8642
    Zero Time-Since-Overhaul
    2500 Hour TBO
    Outright or Exchange
  • Honeywell T5317B

    Honeywell T5317B

    S/N: LE-09241XC
    TSN: 3,521 Hours
    1.3 Hours Time Since Overhaul
    5,000 Hour Overhaul Interval
    94% Weighted Component Value Remaining
  • T5317A-1 - Ready To Go!

    T5317A-1 - Ready To Go!

    Ozark Aeroworks Engine
    Honeywell Authorized Service Center
    T5317A-1 Engine - S/N: LE-07648C
    4,976 Hours Total Time, 292 Hours TSO
    Fresh 1,250 Hour Hot Section Inspection
    Engine Test Cell Margins Offered with Industry Leading "Show-Me Engine Performance Guarantee!"
    Exceptional Life Limited Components
    Warranty 2 Years / 1,000 Hourss
    Trade-In / Exchange Available
  • T5317A-1


    S/N: LE-08328XC
    Fresh 5,000 Hour Overhaul
    New Rotating Group
    Excellent Performance Margins
    Zero TSO Fuel Control and Governor
    Honeywell Authorized Service Center
    Warranty 2 Years / 1,000 Hours
    Immediately Available
    Trade-In / Exchange Available
  • T5317A-1 - 1,174 Hours Since 5,000 Hour O/H

    T5317A-1 - 1,174 Hours Since 5,000 Hour O/H

    S/N: P-81027
    1,174 Hours TSN - 3,826 Hours TBO
    Recent 1,250 Hot Section Inspection
    Fresh Test Cell Run - Ready to Go!
    43 Deg Temp Margin & 1.7% N1 Margin
  • T5317A-1 - SOLD!

    T5317A-1 - SOLD!

    S/N: LE-07691C
    5,318 Hours Total Time
    Low Hours Since 5,000 Hour Overhaul

    Sold To K-Max Operator!